Heating Systems

With so many systems to choose from it can be tricky trying to figure out which option suits you best.

We not only know the ins and outs of how to instal an efficient heating system, we also know the pros and cons of each one.  Meaning you'll be sure to get the best heating system for your home, lifestyle and budget. The boys at Blair McNab plumbing are experts at both retrofits and new installs. 

We've explained a little of the basics of the most common heating systems below.

Coal Burners

Being one of the cheapest fuels as well as convenient (the fuel can be delivered) coal is a very popular option. If it is set up correctly it will also burn cleanly and efficiently. The main drawback is that it can be quite messy. If you think a coal burner is a good fit for you ensure it's set up correctly to get the most out of it. 

Wood Pallet Burners

Considered the cleanest burning and environmentally friendly, pallet burners have the added benefit of allowing more control over how much and at what time the heat is produced. They are also not as expensive as many people think, so talk to us if you want to know more about weather wood pallet burners are a viable option for you.

Wood Boilers

Ideal for homes with ready access to a wood supply wood boilers can provide very cost effective and efficient heat. Wood boilers are also ideal for those who like the idea of a traditional fire, but with a more efficient heat distribution.

Diesel Boilers 

An efficent heat source for heating, deisel is also convenient, clean and low maintenance. The relatively high cost is something to consider.

Waste Oil 

Because this system uses a waste product as fuel it is considered environmentally friendly, for the same reasons it is also relatively cost effective. Unfortunately it does require more mainteance and cleaning. We would recomend this system to someone more mechanically minded.